My main goal is to have horse and rider love to work together with fun and harmony. We focus on straightness, flexibility, strength and motivated horses! Since Thalya has a degree as a vet assistant, triggerpoint therapy and MSFC saddlefitting, she has a wide range of knowledge to help you and your horses when there are problems.

These lessons take place at our location in Aalst. If you want to organise lessons at your location, this can be arranged starting from 5 riders at the same location.

We try to help all kinds of riders, from recreational to professional. Bitless or with bit, we try to find the perfect way to help you and your horse reach the maximum of your potential.


When training horses, you have a big responsability to help these horses understand what we desire. Without this understanding, horses are left to their own devices and problems start to develop. When the owner does not feel confident enough to make the first ride, to learn the aids, to rehabilitate after an injury, or to refine the aids and take your riding to the next level... This is all possible at Ardanwen stables.

Horses are being trained 4 to 5 times a week, depending on the clients request. They get hay ad lib, turnout daily from morning till evening, Equifyt muesli (or your own feed), triggerpoint treatments and a saddle check.

Triggerpoint therapy and MSFC Saddlefitting

When a horse does not want to do an exercise, he doesn't do this on purpose. There is always a reason; the horse doesn't understand you (the aids), the horse has pain in his muscles and body or the saddle / tack does not fit.
Before we can be sure that the horse protest out of misunderstanding, we have to make sure that the horse is not in pain due to the saddle or muscle pain. Else you can keep on explaining and training the horse, he will never work with pleasure...

With triggerpoint therapy, we try to resolve these stresspoints in the muscles, so they can move freely and without pain again.

It's important that the saddle fits well to horse ànd rider. Many horses are being ridden with saddles to small for them to move in or riders with saddles that bring them out of balance, which is painfull for the horse aswell. During a saddle fit, we check everything when the horse is standing still, we mesure them and after that, the rider has to ride, so we can see how the saddle reacts in movement and how the posture of the rider is.

Advice during purchase of a horse

It's everyone's dream to find that once in a lifetime horse. But how to find this unicorn between all these millions of horses that are for sale?

We sometimes have a couple of horses in training that are also for sale, but we also have contacts in Belgium and abroad to help us find the perfect horse for you.