Ardanwen stables was founded by Thalya Willems and her husband Mark De Vleminck (Valkerij Ardanwen) in 2019.

At the age of 7, Thalya could already be found on the back of horses. Her main interest has always been dressage, but in 2010 Thalya, aged 17 at that time, got the opportunity to work in a breeding stable and learn more about Natural Horsemanship, riding horses for the first time and training 'problem' horses. In 2011 she bought her first own horse, Fuego. He was, and still is, her main inspiration for her current goals in life and to start coaching people / training horses. With him, she did several internships at international dressage stables.

In 2014 she started her own company in coaching and training. She discovered that a lot of problems can not be solved by training and took several educational programs as an Equine Triggerpoint therapist (Jack Meagher) and MSFC saddle fitter. This way, she can help horses even better.

After Fuego, Bambino (PRE x PSL) and Gafanhoto (Approved PSL breeding stallion) came into her life. Because with Fuego, she never got the opportunity to have offspring of him, she did not want to make the same mistake with her golden stallion Gafanhoto. In that way, she and her husband added the breeding mares to their stable. Her husband is a big fan of the Pura Raza Menorquina, a breed not very known here in Europe. In December 2019 we bought our first approved PRM stallion Galactic. As far as we know, he is the only approved PRM stallion in Belgium.

Our breeding goal is to have horses who are baroque built, with good abilities for high school dressage exercises, enough energy in the movements without being hot headed.

Our team

We work together with a team of hoof specialist, osteopaths, horse dentist and vets that all have their own expertise, so we can work very precise to resolve a problem.




Thalya Willems

Ardanwen stables

Jack Meagher Therapist
MSFC saddlefitter




Mark De Vleminck

Ardanwen stables

Falconry Ardanwen
Stunt Rider movies Mario Lurashi
Jousting and Skill at arms




Ann-Sophie Schellen

EDO osteopath
Human osteopath



Kim Hess

Horse vet
Barefoot trimmer



Ines Laurent

Horse vet
Specialized in Dentistry